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Query Core

Core query functionality is provided in 2 variants by ADOxx, building upon each other. The query engine interprets AQL language to query models in the database.

Standardized queries:

Standardized queries as "fill-in text", to be completed by the user. For execution, no AQL knowledge is required.

User-defined queries:

Queries which are defined by the user through standardized queries in AQL syntax. For execution AQL knowledge is required.


Construction of Standardized and User-Defined Queries

The following steps are performed by the user/modeller to run standardized or user-defined queries:

  1. Select a standardized query that represents the user needs
  2. Complete the query by filling in missing elements and input fields
  3. Run the query by clicking on "Evaluate" or "Execute"

To construct more complex queries, the AQL language can be used to combine standardized queries or extend the queries according to the users needs. Standardized queries can be combined using the "Add" button the logical operator such as AND, OR, DIFF.

Standardized and User-Defined Queries in ADOxx

Characteristics of Standardized and User-Defined Queries

  • Not specific for a method and their modelling language, but use the classes and attributes of the modelling language
  • Queries, can be completely defined by the user by using AQL
  • Queries which are combined by the user through usage of standardized queries and logical operators
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