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Meta-Modelling Platforms Hierarchy

The ADOxx platform hierarchy conforms to the roles described in the previous section. In the following the platform hierarchy is mapped to roles from above and implementation technology used. The base languages used for implementation are:

  • C++: The platform itself as made available through the download section is implemented in C++, enabling support for embedded languages such as LEO (language for GRAPHREP implementation and ATTRREP specification). On the C++ level, generic platform functionality as well as the base/abstract ADOxx meta model is realized.
    From an implementation perspective, the ADOxx Developer can make use of the C++ environment if needed. C++ knowledge is not a pre-requesite for implementation due to the hierarchical levels.
  • ALL (ADOxx Library Language): ALL is the implementation language for realizing a modelling toolkit on ADOxx. The language can be applied using a coding approach (write ALL code and combile using the ALL2ABL service on or a configuration approach, that generates the relevant ALL statements accordingly and can be used in a graphical user interface. The compiled counterpart of ALL is ABL.
  • ADL (ADOxx Definition Language): is the representation language on model level.

ADOxx Meta Modelling Platform Hierarchy

For the implementation in ADOxx, the highlighted elements in red and blue (above) are of relvance, whereas a thorough knowledge of the ADOxx meta model (RED) is required to derive necessary platform functionality accordingly on the method-specific meta model implementation (e.g. implicit functionality of container objects).

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