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ADOxx Web Service

ADOxx provides a AdoScript web service implementation that enables the interaction with the platform in service mode. The web service is implemented as a service meaning that ADOxx can be started in service mode without user interface and user interaction communicating on a defined port. The operation exposed by the web service enables the execution of AdoScript code and returns values according to the provided AdoScript implementation and an error code for traceability.

Start ADOxx Web Service

The ADOxx web service can be started using the AdoScript command SERVICE to start and stop the service from within the modelling toolkit.

CC "AdoScript" SERVICE Start | Stop .
Start: start [ port:intValue ] [ backlog:intValue ] [ output:Output ] .
Output: statusbar | textfield .
Stop: stop .
-->RESULT ecode:intValue

port: Port at which the ADOxx Web Service server receives requests. Default: 80.
backlog: Max queue size for requests. Default: 100.
output: Specification of where status messages of the ADOxx Web Service server are put out.

statusbar (default): Messages are shown in the status bar.
textfield: Messages are appended to a textfield. As this reduces the server performance (in relation to statusbar mode), this mode should just be used when really needed.


ADOxx in Web Service Mode

ADOxx WebService Interaction

The interaction with the service can done using any kind of language that implements web-service calls using SOAP as a messaging format.

Web Service Explorer and Example Call

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