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Definition: Model Types, Classes, Attributes and Relations

Within ADOxx an "Application library" combines all developed artefacts for usage. The application library contains the definition of model types and classes as well as relation classes on both an abstract and concrete level. Concrete classes and relation classes are provided as "model types" to the user.


Library Definition in ADOxx

  • Model Types: A model type is a well-defined sub-collection of classes and relation classes of a meta model.
  • Classes: A class is a construct that is used as a template to create objects of that class. The objects of a class are alternatively called "instances."
  • Attributes: An attribute is a property of a modelling construct such as a model, object or relation. Each attribute has a type and a value.
  • Relations: A relation class is a construct that is used as a template to create relations between objects.  A relation class is defined between classes. A relation is always a directed connection between objects, i.e. each relation has a from-side and a to-side.

From a persistancy perspective, all information is stored in a common database. The artifacts saved in the database and their dependencies are shown below.

ADOxx Information Architecture


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