Pre-defined ADOxx classes in Static Library for a "Tree-based environment"

The following classes are made available by the ADOxx platform. Each of the classes is abstract and provides specific functionality to the implemenetation. The functionality is briefly introduced for each abstract class.

__ S-construct ___

Super class for ā€˛hierarchy" pre-defined meta model.


Group is a tree node.

__ S_container __, __S_aggregation__, __S_swimlane__

Is a special form of a tree-node, same as in __D_container__.


Resources are properties of tree-nodes represented in an own class hierarchy. Hence descriptive properties need not only be defined as attributes of tree nodes but can be described as classes using class hierarchy from resources.


In case persons are represented a special class is reserved for implementing person depending behaviour (privacy etc.).

Inheritance/Dependencies of ADOxx Static Metamodel

ADOxx Static Meta Model

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